Stay vigilant

30 Mar , 2020 Uncategorised

Be aware that current events create panic and confusion, this can often be used to the advantage of Cyber criminals. Be extra vigilant when opening emails or any ‘article’ on social media that invites you to click on a link for any reason. Even messages and emails that appear to be from official sources may […]

Coronavirus and remote working

16 Mar , 2020 Technology news

Businesses that have never had a reason to allow remote working from home options for their staff are suddenly seeing that it might be needed. Even if you do have some remote working options it may not be enough to allow all staff to work from home at once. So what do you do if […]

Windows 7 will not be supported after January 14th

8 Jan , 2020 Uncategorised

Less than a week until Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft If you haven’t already switched to Windows 10, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. After 14th January 2020 Microsoft will no longer issue security patches and updates for windows 7. Whilst Windows 7 will continue to work after this […]

Old versions of Windows need patching – Urgently

11 Jun , 2019 Technology news

If you have a PC or server that runs one of these operating systems: Windows XP (including Embedded) Windows Server 2003, Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Windows 7 Windows Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 Microsoft has released a security patch, even for the systems that are out of official support. Why?, simply because the risk of […]

Equipment disposal and GDPR fine risk.

16 Mar , 2019 Privacy items,Technology news

Findings suggest nearly half of businesses do not wipe data from redundant equipment before disposal and nearly three quarters of UK businesses do not have a procedure or process in place for disposing of old IT equipment. Businesses have a responsibility to protect sensitive data. Under GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act if a […]

Is your data backed up?

17 Feb , 2019 Technology news

An average of around 17% of UK businesses do not backup their data. Whilst medium sized businesses are better than this figure, up to 20% of sole traders and small businesses have no backup copy of their data. Even ones that do often it’s a local or USB drive copy which stays in the office.Historically […]

Microsoft Windows 7 end of support.

18 Jan , 2019 Technology news

Windows 7 end of support is coming in one year—January 14, 2020—and Office 2010 will be close behind. According to Microsoft ‘Changes and upgrades in technology are inevitable, and there’s never been a better time to start putting in motion the things you need to do to shift your organization to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365’. […]

Still adding website content

7 Jan , 2019 Our news

With our new website now live we’re working hard to get new content into the news sections, we’re also developing our instagram and twitter feeds and sites too. But that takes time and we still have to service all our current work load, in addition to developing new clients and business.

New Year – new website

31 Dec , 2018 Our news

Welcome to our new website, we’ve been working to create a new look for our website and consolidate some of the services to give a better view of what we do. Take a look around and please contact us if you’d like more information.