Equipment recycling

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Obsolete and surplus IT and office equipment has to be disposed of responsibly and safely with special attention paid to data privacy regulations (GDPR) and data security aspects. With data recovery services and software it is possible to retrieve information from hard disks and memory cards with knowledge and the appropriate equipment. This can usually be done even in the event of deletion, device formatting or even component failure, so it is vital to protect your information and data even when IT equipment is no longer needed or has stopped working.

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We can collect redundant and surplus IT equipment from your premises and securely dispose of or recycle them. Hard disks can be securely wiped to different levels of security or even physically destroyed if required, see our data security services here for more information. Certificates of disposal will include the serial numbers and lists of hardware wiped and the level of recovery tested to ensure no data can be retrieved.

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If your company has a charity dontation policy or if you would like to know that the redundant equipment is donated to a charity rather than being recycled this can be done. We can service and test your old equipment, securely wipe hard disks, or for extra security destroy hard disks and replace with new / alternative wiped drives. The equipment is then delivered to the charity chosen.

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All of our IT recycling and disposal services comply with the WEEE directive and a full report of all steps taken will be provided for auditing & compliance reporting purposes.

If you would like more information or would like a quotation for IT equipment recycling please contact us.