About Us

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Our background and our ethos

We offer a range of IT support services, business consultancy and operational support services, but can also provide a basic IT support service, if that is required.

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Our experience comes from over 25 years of IT support, IT project management and operations support primarily in the oil & gas and manufacturing industries. Much of our consultancy and support has been supporting oil & gas ventures globally. Primarily Africa, Russia and Middle East regions.

But increasingly we are devoting more time to supporting smaller local businesses not only with IT support services but also with business administration, website design and associated services.

We can give advice and provide a range of IT support services and business consultancy, project management and operational support services not just a basic IT support service. We have a wealth of knowledge, processes and procedures that we can refer to and tune to individual business needs. We want the service to be right for your business.

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We always try to present information in a way that is understandable and presented in plain English. We do not try to incorporate management speak, there’s no ‘blue sky thinking’ and whilst we may well ‘think outside the box’ to bring you the best solution for your needs, we won’t tell you we do!

We will not provide an eighty page report when eight pages will present the same information. We do not pad our documents and presentations out in order to justify an expensive fee. We offer a cost effective understandable service customised to your needs.

What we will give is an honest, well thought out solution for your needs. A specific tailored package for a need to improve your business and become more efficient.

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