Is your data backed up?

17 Feb , 2019 Technology news

An average of around 17% of UK businesses do not backup their data.

Whilst medium sized businesses are better than this figure, up to 20% of sole traders and small businesses have no backup copy of their data. Even ones that do often it’s a local or USB drive copy which stays in the office.
Historically managing backups and ensuring there were offsite copies was time consuming and relied on manual processes. We are providing cloud-based backups for more and more customers. It enables offsite backups to be automatically taken every day, not just when somebody remembers to take a USB drive home.

Without a recent copy of your data how would you recover from a failure of a hard drive, a virus infection or any other disaster at your premises.

Contact us for a review of your current business continuity planning, or to discuss how we can help you setup a plan.

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