Coronavirus and remote working

16 Mar , 2020 Technology news

Businesses that have never had a reason to allow remote working from home options for their staff are suddenly seeing that it might be needed. Even if you do have some remote working options it may not be enough to allow all staff to work from home at once. So what do you do if you don’t have a contingency in place and suddenly your whole workforce has to self-isolate?

If you don’t have a remote working solution for your staff, it may well be too late to implement a fully working solution. But even if you do, has it ever been used by the majority of your workforce all at once or even tested to prove it works as expected with all your staff accessing it at once.

If you are a small business with just a couple of people that need access to your IT systems or simply need their email at home, then most likely you can set that up quickly enough. But people may well need IT support during that process and in the days to come.

We can help, we can give advice and guidance over how to get access to files and documents in the office, we can setup VPNs or remote access to your network to allow your staff to work from home. We can provide a remote assistance client that can be installed on home PCs to get them setup with work email accounts or provide ongoing remote IT support.

Contact us now for help and advice or to discuss the options for implementing a remote working solution for your business.

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